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Why astrology?

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been virtually unable to act healthily and have only been able to work by forcing myself (yes, the Capricorn continues anyway).The feeling of having lost my true self has seemed greater than ever. 

The constellations for Capricorn have been extremely bad respectively the pressure on Saturn (ruler of order, power and wisdom), Pluto (the intense, death of thought patterns, resurrection - Phoenix principle) and the northern lunar node (karma - fate - life path, where is it going?) in cancer (femininity, goddess, mother role) 

Have pushed me to work on my cancer ascendant (learning to make yourself happy before you can help others), which is for a work driven, materialialistic, redemption through spirituality seeking capricorn not an easy task. 

Of course, I didn't know anything about it until I had my first professional reading with Dayna Conolly. She has since then become my mentor and just as a Capricorn does, I have quickly acquired basic knowledge and the ability to interpret astrology myself.
I have given my first professional reading in August 2019 and the feedback has been so far overwhelmingly fantastic. I am always fascinated by how accurately the analysis works, and go as far as to say astrology has been the most fascinating and inspiring subject I have ever engaged in.

At the moment I am offering rather short readings, because it appeals to me to be consicely compact and to the point - Mercury in Capricorn and Virgo as ruler in the third house.




I currently offer the following video reading options:

Birthchart with short review  33,-€

15min. all the basics or a specific question. 

Personality/Soul reading 66€

Duration 30minutes - I explain to you how you tick, what your strengths are and which energies can contripute to your personal growth or prevent you from growing. I am happy to include your personal questions into your Reading.

Relationship reading 66€

 Duration 30minutes - Here I put your charts on top of each other, tell you in which areas of life your  shared light-sides, tasks and friction points are. Then I summarize your charts and explain the energetic concept of your relationship.


All I need from you is:

 Your Birthday, your precise time and place of birth and whether you have certain questions you want to have answered. 


I am looking forward to your inquiries,

Love and Light,