isabelle / 2019 /  80 x 100 cm / photo collage, acrylic and marker on canvas 


swantje / 2019 /  80 x 100 cm / photo collage, acrylic and marker on canvas 

inner_voice_80 x 100 cm_001 collage on canvas

inner voice / 2019 /  80 x 100 cm / photo collage, mixed media on canvas  


rebecca / 2019 /  80 x 100 cm / photo collage, acrylic on canvas 



Wempe candlesfashion & beauty

Schaebenscommercial beauty

Genger&GlunzArt project

Realitybeauty art

Simone SimonsPortrait

OOB DanceProject type

SwantjeGlitterProject type

Mia StarsProject type

Swantje Wördemannart beauty

Dancefashion editorial

Welt Vegan 11.2019editorial fashion



Maybelline BFWProject type

projectedProject type

painted twoProject type

jewelsProject type

PastelProject type

Swantje - tokyo driftProject type

Skye - back to nowProject type

jacky blacklightProject type

noraProject type

Teaser - DreamProject type

Liga nord magazineditorial, beauty

Vogue.deeditorial, beauty

care affair - intimProject type

glossedoutProject type

QualityProject type

shapesProject type

Schwan cosmeticsProject type

DarklightProject type

L'OfficielProject type

Schön! just a hintProject type

OOB all that glittersProject type

ModernLoveProject type